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Regular eye exams are important, because vision is our best window to the outside world, impacting the perception of surroundings, communication, and even balance. As the world peers back at us, our eyes are the focus. How well our eyes see, and how they look while doing so, are both important considerations.  At all levels, physical, intellectual, and spiritual, vision is vitally important to our quality of life.  A regular eye exam from our Arvada and Westminster optometrist is part of maintaining that connection.

Eye Health Reflects the Health of the Body

An eye exam is much more than determining how nearsighted or farsighted the patient is. Annual eye exams allow careful monitoring of not only visual acuity but also allow the doctor to prevent eye problems such as glaucoma from occurring or worsening. Eyes are a window into the health of a person. Eyes are impacted by the health of the nerves and blood vessels of the rest of the body, and each person's lifestyle, health, and medications are part of that equation. Careful investigation of eye health is part of primary care as eye symptoms or indicators are warning signs of other health problems such as diabetes.

State of the Art Technology

The digital age has brought a lot of advances in medical science, and eye medicine is no exception. Glasses and contact lenses are now made and fit with great accuracy. Lasik and PRK surgeries offer peerless visual acuity with the naked eye. Physical therapy for the eyes has been developed and offers another option for some patients who need help with eye muscle strength. Another treatment option is known as Ortho-K. Ortho-K is a treatment that allows some patients to avoid surgery and glasses or contact lenses. Ortho-K uses contact lenses that are designed to shape the cornea each night. Computer technology again shapes the world due to the ability to map the shape of the cornea. Corneal mapping allows the manufacture of the Ortho-K contacts.

An American Optometrist Association member, Dr. Shawn Cottrell O.D. of Arvada Optometric Center offers regular eye exams for both contact lenses and glasses, using state of the art equipment. He has been passionate about visual health and acuity since the age of 8 years old when his own vision was corrected and he saw the world sharply and in detail for the first time in his life. That joy and delight in good vision is something that he cherished and wished to pass on to other people. Good, compassionate patient interaction is an important part of Dr. Cottrell's eye exam, as a good eye doctor/patient relationship allows for more consistent eye health.

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Looking for an Arvada or Westminster Optometrist? Contact Dr. Cottrell at Arvada Optometric Center for an eye exam, a fitting for contact lenses, or general eye health questions at 303-424-5282. They are a full-service eye and vision care provider, for both emergencies and scheduled appointments.

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    Dr. Cottrell graduated from Pacific University in 2007 at the age of 25 with his Doctorate of Optometry.

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  • "I just had my first visit here and it was an wonderful experience. Everyone who works here is so friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!!!"
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  • "Love this office! Everyone is always so helpful and kind. Doctor Cottrell is always kind, very informative and answers all my questions. I will never go anywhere else."
    Jenny Jean

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