Blurred Vision

Treatment for Blurry Vision at Arvada Optometric Center

Have the normally-sharp edges of various household objects taken on a fuzzy appearance? Has reading become a colossal chore? When you suffer from blurry vision, you need to discover why it's happening and obtain the proper treatment for it. You can find that care at Arvada Optometric Center. Our Arvada optometry clinic in CO will be more than happy to help you see as clearly as possible again.

blurry vision

Why Is Your Vision Blurry?

There's no single cause for blurry vision, but there is a very common one: refractive errors. If your eyeball is abnormally shaped, incoming light may not be refracted so that it reaches the back wall of the eye properly. This means that the retina gets a blurry image instead of a sharp, clear one. In nearsighted people, the eyeball is elongated; in farsighted people, the eyeball is foreshortened. Even if your eyeball is a normal spherical shape, your corneas or lenses may be irregularly shaped. This causes a refractive error called astigmatism. Unlike nearsightedness or farsightedness, astigmatism causes blurry vision at all distances. If you're experiencing blurry near vision after the age of 40, you may have a problem called presbyopia in which the lens of the eye can't adjust its focus well.

Refractive errors aren't the only cause of blurry vision. Dry eye causes blurriness alongside other symptoms such as eye redness and discomfort. Irritation from contact lenses can make your vision blurry. Pregnant women sometimes develop blurry vision due to temporary hormonal changes. Constant computer work can fatigue the eye muscles until they stop focusing properly. More serious causes of blurry vision can include cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal injuries or diseases.

Our Optometry Clinic Has the Answers

Come to Arvada Optometric Center for help in diagnosing and treating your blurry vision. Our optometry team can administer a comprehensive eye and vision exam that includes a careful inspection of your corneas, lenses, and retinas. Vision testing can help us determine the nature and severity of your vision problem.

Once we know what's causing your blurry vision, we can recommend the proper strategies for correcting it. Eyeglasses and contact lenses can do an excellent job or correcting refractive errors. You may benefit from eye drops and other treatment methods to fight a case dry eye or some other eye disorder, lifestyle changes to ease eye strain, or new contact lenses that cause less irritation.

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