Lasik Co-Management

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If you have been considering Lasik surgery but are not sure we can help you understand what to expect and co-manage your aftercare right here near your home, no matter where you have the surgery. Contact us at Arvada Optometric Center in Westminster to find out more about Lasik Co-Management and to schedule your Lasik Evaluation. 

Post Op Lasik Evaluation

Why Is Lasik Surgery Considered a Good Option for So Many People

Lasik Surgery has gained popularity over the past decade. For people who once had vision problems, and had the surgery the reason why is no mystery. Lasik is an outpatient surgery that can take less than half an hour and typically leaves patients with improved vision. In fact, in most cases, the patient no longer needs eyewear such as glasses or contacts. Because it is relatively simple and outpatient, with so much to gain in terms of improvement, it is a sought after option for many. It is not entirely risk-free though and co-management with your regular eye doctor is vital if you receive the surgery at another location. 

What is Lasik Co-Management? 

Lasik co-management is cooperation between two eye doctors at two different locations that allows patients to receive their surgery at one location and their pre and post-operative care at a second closer location. We offer this service for our patients to make sure that any risks or side effects of this surgery are evaluated and taken care of. Even in everything goes perfectly aftercare is vital for up to one year. During the first six months we will do eye exams on a regular basis to monitor the improvement in your vision and at the one-year mark, you will want to determine the long term results (improvements) on your vision. If you are considering a Lasik surgery and want the best in aftercare call our optometrsits today. 

We can refer you to one of our trusted affiliates for the surgery if you have not already chosen an eye doctor. We can do all of your pre and post-operative appointments and clear up any questions you may have. 

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