Low Vision

Arvada Optometric Center Can Help With Low Vision

A number of eye and vision problems can occur that result in vision loss. Low vision can have a serious impact on the ability to perform everyday tasks. However, optometrists can provide valuable advice and resources to help patients with serious vision loss. At Arvada Optometric Center in Arvada, CO, we can help you to maximize your vision for everyday living.

What Is Low Vision?

Low vision is a term used when the usual corrective measures, such as eyeglasses and contact lenses, are no longer adequate to improve vision. In these cases, additional measures, devices, training and other means must be used to help individuals maximize their residual vision for normal daily tasks. Optometrists have a variety of resources to help their patients find and utilize these helpful options.

Common Causes of Low Vision

Some cases of low vision are due to congenital factors. Premature birth and its treatment may result in low vision problems. As people age they may develop eye diseases, such as macular degeneration or glaucoma that can damage eye structures, resulting in vision loss. Some medical problems, such as diabetes, may cause diabetic retinopathy that causes vision loss. Cataracts, a clouding of the lens of the eyes, are generally treated with surgery, but this solution is not always feasible for some patients. Traumatic brain injury can also cause impairment of vision.

Your Optometrist Can Help With Low Vision Problems

Your Arvada eye doctor can provide prescriptions for special vision enhancement devices that will allow you to maximize the vision you have. They can also advise you on a wide variety of vision products that will facilitate your ability to perform everyday tasks. Special training and vision management resources are available that can help individuals with low vision. Your eye doctor in Arvada can provide valuable information that improves your ability to manage everyday life with low vision.

Make Arvada Optometric Center Your Optometrist in Arvada, CO

Dr. Cottrell and Dr. Yonatan have extensive training in optometry and use their many years of experience to help patients in Arvada, CO, and nearby communities achieve better vision throughout life. We offer many eye care services, including examination, designer frames, contact lens fitting, vision therapy, computer vision, pre-and post-LASIK consultation, and management of eye diseases. Call Arvada Optometric Center today at 303-424-5282 for an appointment for help with low vision problems.