Pink Eye

Optometry Treatment For Pink Eye

Pink eye is a condition that can inflict uncomfortable and irritable symptoms. If you are suffering from pink eye, contact our staff at Arvada Optometric Center in Arvada, CO, to make an appointment for optometry treatment. Here is some information about pink eye to read over so that you can recognize the symptoms, learn how to avoid spreading it, and find out how our optometrists can help treat this condition.


The Symptoms of Pink Eye

Pink eye can bring about a variety of symptoms. Most people suffer from itchiness or redness of the eyes when they have pink eye. They may also find that they are sensitive to the light. A discharge is not uncommon and can be clear, yellow, or brown color. The discharge may also crust up around the eyes when sleeping. Some people feel as if they have a foreign substance in the affected eye as well.

How to Avoid Spreading Pink Eye

Pink eye is extremely contagious, meaning it can be easily spread from person to person. It is important to take precautions to stop the condition from transferring to another if you are suffering from this condition. Do not share towels, washcloths, or other pieces of material that may have touched the affected eye. Take the time to wash your hands often so that the infection does not spread to surfaces you come into contact with. Never share eyeglasses, contact lenses, or cosmetics with other people. Use separate towels or washcloths around your eyes if only one of your eyes is affected by this condition.

How Optometry Care Can Help This Condition

Prescription medicine is necessary to clear up the infection and prevent it from spreading to others. Our optometry team will assess your condition and make recommendations regarding your treatment options. Your optometrist may suggest medicated eye drops to help neutralize the condition so that it is no longer contagious to others. They will need to be taken until the condition is completely gone. Another appointment may be necessary to check for the presence of lingering symptoms. 

Get the Treatment That You Need At Our Practice in Arvada, CO

Contact Arvada Optometric Center in Arvada, CO, to schedule an appointment with our optometrists if you are dealing with the symptoms of pink eye. Call our practice at 303-424-5282 to find out more about the services we provide to our patients, or to inquire about pink eye remedies to try at home.