Red Eyes

Find Relief for Painful Red Eyes

The Arvada area is a great place to enjoy outdoor activities and sports. Doing so, however, might result in painful conditions that cause red eyes. When you get red eyes, your eyesight really suffers. In the worst cases, you cannot keep the affected eye open. An infection or another contaminant might be the problem. On the other hand, your eyes might simply be subjected to a lot of wind and bright sunlight that causes irritation. No matter the cause, there are several cures that are fast, effective, and available at Arvada Optometric Center.


Many Common Causes

Pink eye (conjunctivitis) is the most common cause of painful red eyes. Eye allergies are also a common cause of both conditions. If you have a contaminant on your fingers and you rub your eyes, that could transfer a contagion to them. You might get yeast, pollen, or something else in your eyes that causes a painful red eyes condition. If you play sports, you might get an accidental finger or something else in your eye that scratches it and causes red eyes. Fortunately, many solutions are available and they can help treat this condition.

Treatment for Red Eyes

Depending on what is causing your painful red eyes, your optometrist will have many potential remedies. If conjunctivitis is the issue, medicated eye drops will often cure it. An eye patch can be used to help keep the area free of contamination. Something more serious might require an injection or possibly even surgery. Luckily, the least invasive option is often the most effective for most conditions. Short of actual damage to the eyes, you are often better off with eye drops and other non-invasive treatments. Your Arvada optometrist can help you choose the best treatment for your red eyes and the pain that comes with them.

Get Relief for Red Eyes Now

If your red eyes are proving to be too painful and making your life miserable, we can help provide pain relief and restore your eyes to normal. You do not have to suffer from red eyes throughout your day. Call our friendly staff at Arvada Optometric Center at (303) 424-5282 to schedule an appointment. We will accurately determine the cause of your condition and develop a proper course of treatment. When it comes to your vision, don’t take any chances, call us today.