Scleral Contact Lenses

All About Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses are a specialty type of contact lens that your optometrist may recommend depending on your eye health. Some conditions greatly benefit from using these lenses that help mitigate the problems while improving vision. If you want to get your eyes checked, come to our Arvada, CO, optometry clinic, Arvada Optometric Center, for an appointment.


What Are Scleral Contact Lenses?

The name of these gas-permeable lenses come from the location on the eyes where they sit. Instead of resting only on the cornea, these lenses cover the entire cornea and the white of the eyes, which is the sclera. Unlike standard lenses, these contacts sit partially under your eyelids, even when your eyes are open, allowing them to stay in place and help your eyes to retain more moisture.

Who Needs Scleral Contacts?

Not everyone needs these extra-large lenses. However, if you suffer from chronic dry eyes or have a misshapen cornea that precludes you from traditional contacts, you may qualify for wearing scleral contact lenses. For instance, those who have had LASIK, PRK, or a corneal transplant plus those with keratoconus can benefit from the larger size of scleral lenses.

Those with dry eyes may not need prescription corrective lenses, but wearing scleral lenses help their eyes stay moist and more comfortable. The gas-permeable nature of these lenses also allows more oxygen to reach the eyes, letting them breathe for a more natural feel.

How to Get Scleral Lenses

If you have a condition that would benefit from wearing scleral lenses and want to have an alternative to eyeglasses, you need an optometry evaluation and exam. During this exam, your eye doctor will measure your eyes to find the lenses that will fit perfectly over your eyes. You also will get the chance to discuss your eye health and any vision concerns you may have with your optometrist.

If you have never worn scleral lenses before, ask us about the best method for putting them in. Because these lenses are not disposable, you will need to remove and clean them daily. Learning proper care of these lenses from the beginning will prevent infections and problems from wearing contacts.

Come See Us Soon

If you have keratoconus, chronic dry eyes, or past eye surgery that makes traditional lenses impossible for you to wear, you could wear scleral lenses. Call our office at 303-424-5282 to talk to our front desk staff. You can also go online to schedule an eye exam appointment with us at Arvada Optometric Center in Arvada, CO.