Sports Vision

Just how sharp is your "perfect" vision when it comes to your participation in athletic activities? Many sports call for visual acuity above and beyond what other common activities might require. Even a small shortfall can deprive you of that extra edge you might need in order to take top honors or help your team win the big game. Here at Arvada Optometric Center, we offer sports vision testing and sports vision therapy services to ensure that you have that edge.

Woman wearing sports goggles

Sports Vision Testing and Its Benefits

Any athlete who relies on visual skills can benefit from sports vision testing. These advanced evaluations can point out even the tiniest problems in your:

  • Color and contrast perception - Whether you're straining to see a tiny colored target or make out a white ball against turf or clay, these senses are invaluable.
  • Depth perception/binocular vision - Your ability to see in 3D is critical for judging distance, balance, and acceleration.
  • Visual processing speed - How quickly your eyes and brain can process visual data makes all the difference in your reaction times.
  • Eye teaming and tracking - These skills determine who well you can follow fast-moving objects such as a ball, target, or opponent.

You might think that a "20/20" score on your annual vision test means that your vision is as clear as it can be. But "20/20" just means that you're seeing as well as can be expected for most people. Some people's eyes are capable of visual acuity as clear as "20/15" -- and so might yours be, with the help of our Arvada optometrists.

Sports Vision Tests and Therapies at Our Clinic

Arvada Optometric Center can optimize your sports vision through a number of therapies and corrective techniques. Our first step is to run a series of sports vision tests, each of which evaluates a different skill. You may be asked to judge fine gradations of colors and contrast levels, for instance. You may also require a test called the Hirschberg test, which checks your eye teaming and tracking ability. eye dominance testing lets us discover any imbalances in the way your brain uses left-eye vs. right-eye data, issues which cause depth perception problems. We can then prescribe sports vision therapies to help you overcome your individual weak points. These may include eye and vision exercises, adjustments to your corrective lens prescription, or specially-tinted lenses.

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